Expanding Solutions for New Markets

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The best solutions for expanding your company to international markets.

Operation focused on building and implementing personalized solutions for the expansion of companies to international markets, creating a safe and favorable environment for the strategic management of businesses and improvement of results.


We are a multidisciplinary and binational team specialized in developing solutions in legal and strategic management and internationalization, focused on generating and expanding company results.

Reliability, technical excellence, and ethics compose our daily work agenda, satisfying the evermore specific and complex needs of clients and partners.

Safe Landing Program

The Safe Landing Program is developed in four steps to support companies in accessing the global market from Brazil and the USA safely, sustainably, and judiciously.


We perform a broad and thorough assessment, delimiting the reality of the company precisely, as well as the opportunities for accessing new markets.




We develop the initial actions necessary to begin the acculturation process and structuring of the company for safe and efficient operation in the new market.



We conduct the training, acts, and procedures necessary for beginning the operations in the new market.



We carry out the analysis of the initial impacts of the process for accessing the new market, expected costs and revenue, and perform the applicable measurements and indications.